Integrity, Empowerment, Respect, Excellence, Community Embrace, Good stewardship, Gender &diversity


We Identify challenges in the community, Determine the key audiences, find out solution to the challenges, Establish measurable objectives for each challenge.


Enhancing the dignity& quality of life through sustainable programs that eliminate barriers to opportunity for all youth, vulnerable children, women & community access to reliable sanitation.

Who We are. Our mission


Enhancing the dignity & quality of life of individuals and families by eliminating barriers to opportunity through youth &vulnerable women empowerment and enterprise start-ups, support youth mental health, promote health and sustainability of a vulnerable child, and stimulate communities take care of environment through sanitation& safe water.

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We focus on providing clean and safe water for drinking in the community

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Vulnerable children Nutrition is a paramount to us

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Youth programs is the key value to the future success of our community

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Our Team

Robert Wesonga
Executive director
Kenneth Sauke
Projects Director
Fredrick Aseka
office assistant
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Latest News Releases

A literature review released by the Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education, supported by MacArthur, summarizes evidence on approaches to increasing participation, improving learning, and enhancing the relevance of secondary education in developing countries. The review, conducted by Mathematica Policy Research, found there to be few promising evidence-based practices in the field and calls for more research into the role of teachers, communities, and families in encouraging a successful transition from primary to secondary education.